Error: 'The iSeries agent does not support <OBJECT NAME>. Refer to (NETIQKB55428)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 27-Jul-2007


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.6

NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries 8.0

Error: 'The iSeries agent does not support <OBJECT NAME>. Refer to'

A security check returns an error stating that a function or object is not supported by the iSeries agent.

When I run a custom check for iSeries, I get an error.


Functionality for the following iSeries objects will be delivered through future PTFs (iSeries patches):

  • Authorization list (object name: Iseries_Autl)
  • Check object integrity (object name: Iseries_CheckObjItg)
  • Check system (object name: Iseries_CheckSystem)
  • Command information (object name: Iseries_Command)
  • Exit point information (object name: Iseries_ExitPoints)
  • Job description (object name: Iseries_Jobd)
  • Message queue (object name: Iseries_MsgQ)
  • Output queue (object name: Iseries_OutQ)
  • System disk status (object name: Iseries_SystemDisk)
  • System pools (object name: Iseries_SystemPools)
  • System status (object name: Iseries_SystemStatus)

These objects are included in the Secure Configuration Manager (SCM) infrastructure. However, you must have the updated iSeries system program delivered through PTFs to return data to Secure Configuration Manager. PTF G1C03002 was released July 20, 2007, to provide the iSeries objects listed above for use when creating iSeries custom security checks in SCM.

Apply and load the PTFs to the NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries product on the iSeries server only. For available PTFs, see

You can sign up for email notifications of new releases and PTFs for the NetIQ iSeries product. For more information about signing up, see NetIQ Knowledge Base article NETIQKB43092: "How do I sign up for email notifications of new releases for the NetIQ iSeries product?"

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