Discovery_UNIX does not detect HP-UX CPUs. (NETIQKB55068)

  • 7755068
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 10-Oct-2007


AppManager 6.0
AppManager for Unix 6.5
Discovery_UNIX Knowledge Script



You can manually verify the number of processors that can be detected.  To verify and set the number of processors, follow these procedures:

  1. Run the following command with the same account used by the NetIQ AppManager for UNIX agent:

    ioscan -kC processor

    Examine the output.  The number of line with the "processor" indicates  how many processors will be discovered.

  2. Ensure /usr/sbin/ is in that user's path. 


Discovery_UNIX as of version 6.5 relies on the output of "ioscan -kC processor".  The output must container lines with the word 'processor' in it.  Processors are output one per line by the 'ioscan' utility.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB55068

Alternatively, a modification can be made to the Discovery_UNIX to call /usr/sbin/ioscan by full path rather than relying on the $PATH environment variable to hold ioscan.  Please contact NetIQ Technical Support for more details about this option.