Does the AppManager Oracle-UNIX MO persist configuration values during runtime? (NETIQKB54709)

  • 7754709
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 11-Oct-2007


AppManager 6.0.x
AppManager Unix Agent 6.5
Oracle RDBMS Server

SuSE Linux
Sun Solaris
Red Hat Linux


Yes.  If oracle permissions change accounts which may affect the NetIQ AppManager UNIX agent, a restart of the UNIX agent is required ("nqmdaemon stop ; nqmdaemon start").

A restart of the agent is required for the Oracle MO to recognize changes such as Oracle passwords and permissions.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB54709

According to the NetIQ AppManager 6.0.2 UNIX Components Release Notes:

The UNIX agent has been updated so that if you restart the UNIX agent, UNIX Knowledge Scripts that require authentication information (such as an Oracle password) continue to run properly.

Additional notes:

If the port number(s) that your listener process(es) are listening on change after AppManager for Oracle UNIX/Linux is installed, you must reinstall the module on the UNIX host so that the application can acknowledge these changes.