How do I mark a field in the Web Console as required? (NETIQKB54649)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 05-Jan-2012


Directory & Resource Administrator 8.x


How do I mark a field in the Web Console as required?

Can I enforce the use of an attribute in the Web Console?


In this example, we want to make the attribute "Last Name" be required in the web console:

Copy this file


to the folder


Change the Read Only attribute from the copied file.

NOTE:  Do not modify the file in the BuiltIn folder.  This allows you to restore the functionality of the web console should an incorrect change be made in the copied file.

Find this section in the copied file:

set FormCtrl           = TaskForm.AddCtrl("text", "txtLastName")
        FormCtrl.Label         = Task.GetMsg("LABEL_LAST_NAME")
        FormCtrl.Help          = Task.GetMsg("HELP_LAST_NAME")
        FormCtrl.Enabled       = true
        FormCtrl.Visible       = True
        FormCtrl.Required      = False
        FormCtrl.Maxlength     = Application("Maxlength_sn")
        FormCtrl.DataField     = "sn"
        set FormCtrl           = nothing

Change the value of FormCtrl.Required to = True.  Save the change.

This will cause the field to be required on the web page itself, and will mark it as such (with a red asterisk).

Make this change on all DRA servers hosting the web component.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB54649