How do I point an existing Agent to a new Management Server after the original Management Server is (NETIQKB54162)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 14-Sep-2007


AppManager 5.0
AppManager 5.0.x
AppManager 6.x


How do I update an Agent to receive jobs from a different Management Server (after removing the original MS)?


The optimum method to change a Primary or Secondary MS uses the AMADMIN_SetPrimaryMS Knowledge Script prior to decommissioning the original MS.  If you have already removed the primary MS, you can use the following steps on each Agent to update the new MS.  This procedure will REMOVE data from EACH agent and involves altering data within the AM Repository.  Please ensure you have a full database backup prior to proceeding with this process.

To update the Repository and Agent(s) manually:

  1. Within the Operator Console, select the Agent you wish to update and press ALT+F8 to record the Objid value in the title bar
  2. Stop both Agent services on the target Agent
  3. Use regedit to update the following registry keys with your new MS Host name (or IP addess):

    HLKM > Software > NetIQ > AppManager > 4.0 > NetIQmc with a hive of MS Primary

    HLKM > Software > NetIQ > AppManager > 4.0 > NetIQmc > Security with a hive of AllowMS

    NOTE: If you want multiple MSes to be included, be sure the key of RemoveAllowMSStar is set to 0

  4. Launch SQL Query Analyzer and connect to the AM Repository (QDB)
  5. Run the following query to ensure your new MS is listed:

    select * from msstatus

    You should see more than 1 row returned and note the MSID values.  Note the MachineObjId value for use in the next step

  6. Use this query to determine the name of your new MSID values:

    select name from object where ObjID = xxx

    where xxx  = the MachineObjID you used in step 5.  You will use this value for updating the Agents

  7. Use the following query to determine the PrimaryMSID assigned to your Agent:

    select * from msdesignation where Machineobjid = xxxx

    where xxxx is the ObjID you recorded in step 1
  8. Use the following query to update the MS for your target Agent:

    update msdesignation set primarymsid = y where MachineObjID = xxxx

    where xxxx is the ObjID you recorded in step 1 and y is the corresponding PrimaryMSID from step 7

  9. Cold start both of the Agent services with a '-oa' startup parameter

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