What is the purpose of the DRA Admins Assistant Admin group? (NETIQKB53754)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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Directory and Resource Administrator 8.x


What is the purpose of the DRA Admins Assistant Admin group?

Who is a member of the DRA Admins group by default?

What powers do members of the DRA Admins AA group have?


Membership in the DRA Admins Assistant Admin group in Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) allows for complete delegation over all objects DRA manages, as well as management of the DRA security model and its configuration. By default, this group includes the DRA service account you specified during installation. If you add any additional groups or user accounts to the DRA Admins Assistant Admin Group, those groups or accounts also have full control of all objects DRA manages. You should limit membership in the DRA Admins group to only those accounts that need complete access to Delegation, Policy, Automation, and Configuration management functions within DRA.

For more information, see the Administrator Guide for Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator.


DRA has an internal security model. The security model will regulate who can do specfic actions, where in AD those actions can be done, and what those actions are. Regulating the "who can do specfic actions" is done with groups in DRA, referred to as Assistant Admin groups.

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For more information on how to add a user or group to the DRA Admin's AA group, see NETIQKB293.