How to create an RRM report that includes only TELNET requests? (NETIQKB53744)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 01-Oct-2014


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Remote Request Management (RRM)


How to create an RRM report that includes only TELNET requests?
Can the Network Transactions by User report be filtered to only show TELNET transactions?


To create a filter for the Network Transactions by User report to only show TELNET transactions by performing the following steps.

  1. Go to the Work with RRM Report Filters screen (From PSMENU, take options 2,3,20 and 10)
  2. Press F6 to add a new filter.
  3. On the Filter/Threshold Definition screen, press F4 to select a data source.
  4. Select NW0720F and press Enter.
  5. Enter a Filter name and Description, and then press Enter.
  6. On the Work with Filters screen, select option 2 to update the newly created filter.
  7. On the Filter Definition screen, press F4 and select the PSSRVDS field.
  8. In the Operator Value column, type the equals sign ( = ).
  9. In the Value column, type TELNET.
  10. Press Enter and then F3 to exit the filter definition screen.

Run the Network Transactions by User for user *ALL with the newly created filter name to yield only TELNET transactions.

Please note that incoming TELNET transactions will usually come in with user ANONYMOUS unless you have Bypass Signon selected in your TELNET 5250 settings. (Using your Client Access 5250 session, select communication then configure and note the Bypass Signon selection box).

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