How do I gather diagnostics for a UNIX agent? (NETIQKB52884)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 15-Oct-2007


AppManager 6.x
AppManager 5.x


How do I send log files and systems configuration information to NetIQ Technical Support?


To gather diagnostic information, run $NQMAGT_HOME/netiq/UnixAgent/bin/NetiqDiag from the UNIX agent  .  You must have $NQMAGT_HOME as an environment variable, NQMAGT_HOME, or use the actual path to .netiq/UnixAgent/ .

This command collects log files and system configuration information then place the results in a tar file located in the $NQMAGT_HOME/netiq/UnixAgent/diag directory.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB52884

The diagnostics tool, NetiqDiag, gathers information such as available physical and logical disks, free space, network interfaces, current operating system patches and libraries, and many other useful troubleshooting information. The tool also compresses the normal log files, the error log files, and the agent configuration. This package helps Technical Support resolve issues more quickly.

For information about how to send the file to NetIQ Technical Support, see the NetIQ Knowledge Base article NETIQKB9994: "How do I FTP diagnostic files to NetIQ Technical Support?"