Vivinet Diagnostic gives error "Cannot establish rtraceroute." (NETIQKB52848)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 12-May-2010


Windows XP SP2
Vivinet Diagnostics 2.x


CHR0422: Could not retrieve RTPStatShow results for phone x.x.x.x from Signaling Server x.x.x.x

CHR0415: Connect over telnet to server x.x.x.x failed: The specified operation has timed out (0x8004274c).

Endpoint discovery does not complete.

Cannot establish rtraceroute.


If you run the console on Windows XP SP2 and do not use endpoints, add the following two lines at the end of the  ..\documents and settings\all users\Application Data\NetIQ\Vivinet Diagnostics\ThresholdConfig.txt: on the computer that runs Vivinet Diagnostics:


After saving the change, restart Vivinet Diagnostics. This configuration circumvents the endpoint discovery so that only a single computer is scanned, rather than an entire subnet, thereby avoiding the rate limit issue.


In Windows XP SP2, Microsoft changed the TCP/IP stack for security purposes. The stack imposes rate limiting on the number of incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts. Once the limit of 10 is reached, subsequent attempts are queued up until the first set of attempts are resolved. While this helps limit a virus from spreading to uninfected computers, it also affects benign applications that scan a subnet for network discovery purposes. Vivinet Diagnostics scans for the NetIQ Performance Endpoint listening on port 10115. Diagnostics tries to discover an endpoint in order to run VoIP Quality performance tests and RTP traceroute.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB52848

Modifying any threshold value using the Options > Threshold menu will overwrite the changes to ThresholdConfig.txt.  If that happens, you need to add the two lines again and restart Diagnostics to have the workaround take effect.

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