Reports covering a midnight timeframe have gaps. (NETIQKB52436)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 16-Mar-2011


NetIQ Analysis Center 2.x


Some reports have missing data.

Using a Start Time and an End Time in the TIME context has gaps in the report.

Reports covering a midnight timeframe have gaps.


As a workaround, you could select the 2 full days of time (without any START TIME or END TIME contexts).  Reporting on 2 full days will render all of the data and no gaps should appear.

NetIQ Technical Support is aware of this reporting issue and is investigating the situation.  This Knowledge Base article will be updated to reflect any status change.


Storage of data in SQL Analysis Services does not allow for reports spanning timeframes including midnight.

Analysis Center stores date and time data as two unique dimensions in the Analysis Services AC_OLAP database.  Selections made by the user in the Analysis Center Console's Time Context are rendered to return data related to these two OLAP dimensions as unrelated dimensions and are therefore reported separately (unconnected).  This allows users to perform analysis on a per hour basis aggregated for a single day or a date range.  It also allows users to aggregate hours together for a single day or date range. 

Rendering a report from one day to the next day over the midnight hour requires a different interpretation of the user's selection in the Console's Time Context that Analysis Center does not perform today.  Also, the Analysis Center OLAP database is designed to optimize data retrieval for the aggregate analysis and reporting versus a date-time series reporting that would span midnight of adjacent days.

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