AIX scripts fail to gather data. (NETIQKB52117)

  • 7752117
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 15-Oct-2007


AppManager for Unix Agent 6.5
AppManager 6.x



Knowledge Scripts do not report.


This service pack provides fixes for AppManager for UNIX 6.5 AIX platforms ONLY. These fixes have been developed since the release of AppManager v6.0.2. The following four fixes are included:

  • Data reports using AppManager Reporting Extras failed with an error condition stating values could not be converted to int. This error condition was caused by incorrect data being collected. With this service pack applied, the data collection has been corrected. However, the reports may still fail for some period of time, because the data collected before the service pack being applied still exists in the database.
  • The UNIX agent will now bind to a specific IP address when the -H parameter is used.
  • When a threshold event condition changed from exceeding to not exceeding the specified threshold, a state change would occur. This state change would allow the user to take some type of action, for example, email notification or the generation of a new event. These state change actions were not being honored. With this service pack applied, the state change actions will be correctly honored.
  • When run on an AIX UnixAgent machine, UNIX Knowledge Scripts failed to gather data or values were always zero. With this service pack applied, the UNIX Knowledge Scripts running on an AIX UnixAgent return the proper data values.

Only apply this service pack in environments where you are running the AppManager UNIX agent 6.5. You can only apply it to a version of the AIX operating system the UNIX agent supports.

To install this service pack:

  1. Download the package containing the service pack, AM602_UNIX_65_ServicePack52117.exe, to a Windows computer from
  2. Double-click the package to extract the contents, this ReadMe file and an archive UnixClient-aix.tar, to a specified folder.
  3. Using FTP or another method, copy the archive file to a location that all of your AIX agent computers can access. If there is no shared file system, copy the archive file to an empty directory on each AppManager 6.5 AIX agent computer.
  4. Log on to the AIX system as root, or log on and su root, and cd to the directory where you copied the archive file.
  5. Using the tar utility with the -xvf switches, extract the contents of the archive.
  6. Execute the following command: ./UnixClient/netiq_agent_install
  7. Answer all of the installation or upgrade questions asked by the install or upgrade process.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 on all AIX computers running the AppManager Agent.


NetIQ Technical Support has determined that AppManager for Unix Agent 6.5 has known issues that have been resolved in Service Pack 52117. This service pack is recommended for all users running AppManager 6.0 and later with the 6.5 UNIX agent on the AIX platform.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB52117