How do I authorize someone to use the iSeries product? (NETIQKB51744)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries


How do I authorize someone to use the iSeries product?

How do I remove a former employee's authority to the iSeries product?

How do I change user authority for iSeries products?


To grant or revoke authority to the iSeries products, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign on with a profile that has Product Authority Administrator rights to the iSeries product or with user profile QSECOFR.
  2. On the command line, type PSMENU and press Enter.
  3. Type 70 (Utilities Menu) and press Enter.
  4. Type 1 (Authorize users to products) and press Enter.
  5. For each user whose authority you want to change, specify the following information on the Set PentaSafe Authority (PSSETAUT) screen:
    • User - Specify one or more user IDs to authorize.
    • Product - Specify a product for which you want to change user authority, or specify *ALL to change user authority to all products.

      PSA - PSAudit only. 

      PSS - PSSecure only.                                       

      PSD - PSDetect only.                                             

      PSP - Privilege Manager 

    • Authority - Specify whether to grant (*GRANT) or revoke (*REVOKE) user authority to the products.

    • Authority Administrator - Specify *YES to designate the specified user profile as a Product Authority Administrator, which allow that user to grant, change, and revoke other users' access to the product. A value of *YES grants *AUTLMGT rights to PS* authorization lists to the specified user profile. You should designate at least one Product Authority Administrator, or you must sign on as QSECOFR each time you want to change user authority to the product. Specify *NO to remove Product Authority Administrator rights from the specified user profile for the specified products.

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