How many servers can I monitor with the proxy agent? (NETIQKB51403)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 21-Nov-2007


How many servers can I monitor with the proxy agent?

How many events per second can the proxy agent handle?

How many agentless monitored computers can I monitor with the proxy agent?

What is the event load the proxy agent can support?

Security Manager 5.5


The total number of computers that can be monitored is dependent upon how many events are being generated by the individual servers. 

In testing, NetIQ Corporation found that the proxy agent can handle about 130 events per second.  This load was spread across five computers.  If you need to monitor more than five computers with a single proxy agent, do not exceed a total of 130 events per second.  Consider assigning the computers to a different proxy agent.

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