How do I get a NT 4.0 domain to show correctly on a secondary DRA server? (NETIQKB51372)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5

How do I get a NT 4.0 domain to show correctly on a secondary DRA server?

Why doesn't my secondary DRA server list my NT 4.0 domain?


Why doesn't DRA recognize my NT4 domain?

Directory and Resource Administrator is set to omit the NT 4.0 domain on the secondary DRA server.


To enable the NT 4.0 domain:

  1. Open the Delegation and Configuration Console (DCC).

  2. Expand Configuration Management and select Managed Domains.

  3. Select the managed domain in the List pane.

  4. In the Details pane, click Trusted Domains.

  5. Right-click the domain and select Properties.

  6. Click the General tab.

  7. If the Omit Trusted Domain check box is present, clear the checkbox and click OK.

  8. If the Omit Trusted Domain check box or the domain itself are missing, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Start > Run.
    2. Type regedit and press Enter.
    3. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mission Critical Software\OnePoint\Administration\Modules\Accounts\Domains.DNS\Domain Name where Domain Name is the name of the domain you want DRA to recognize.
    4. In the right pane, find the Omit key and change its Value data from 1 to 0.
    5. Close regedit.

  9. Stop and restart the NetIQ Administration Service.

    This process will remove the Omit flag for the missing domain and allow Directory and Resource Administrator to display it correctly within the DCC.

Warning: Be careful when editing your Windows Registry. If there is an error in your Registry, your computer may become nonfunctional. If an error occurs, you can restore the Registry to its state when you last successfully started your computer. For more information, see the Help for the Windows Registry Editor.

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