How do I debug MS-RPC (Microsoft Remote Procedure Call) errors associated with AppManager Agents? (NETIQKB51171)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


How do I debug MS-RPC (Microsoft Remote Procedure Call) errors associated with AppManager Agents?
AppManager agent is greyed out.
New jobs stay in a start pending state.
AppManager has problems communicating


This article describes some typical MS-RPC error messages returned when using the NetIQctrl utility or when starting the NetIQ AppManager Agent services and how to troubleshoot these error messages.

Generic Troubleshooting Steps

  • Use the NetIQctrl Utility "ping" Command to Check Connectivity to the NetIQ Services
    This utility is documented in the AppManager Users Guide (soft copy, user.pdf, is located on the AppManager CD.)
  • Start the NetIQ Service in Console Mode
    When the NetIQmc or NetIQccm service are run in console mode the activity of the service on startup is displayed to the command window. In some cases the problem will be obvious from this output, in other cases, cut and paste this output and send the output to AppManager Technical Support.
  • Errors Generated when Starting the NetIQ Services
    • Error 1720: RPC generates error The endpoint cannot be created
    • Error 1722: The RPC Server is unavailable causing the AppManager agent to not bind properly to its default communication ports (ports 9998 and 9999 are used by the Agent).
    • Error 1723: The RPC Server is too busy to complete this operation
    • Error 1726: The remote procedure call failed. This error is most commonly seen when running the AMAdmin_AgentInstall knowledge script. Verify that the correct userid/password and AppManager release directory are correct.
    • Error 1753: There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper
    • Error 2140: This error is usually generated when the netiqmc service is using an NT User account that does not have permissions to certain directories on the file system. Ensure the NetIQmc service account has permission to access the \netiq, \temp or \netiq\db\mapque directory on the target machine.
  • MS-RPC Error Messages Returned from NetIQctrl
    • RPC Version Mismatch

      If the 'RPC version mismatch' error is being returned when running the netiqctrl utility to ping a service, and the Management Server is unable to communicate with the AppManager Managed Client but the Managed Client can communicate with the Management Server, you may have a DNS or WINS resolution problem. To determine if this is the possible problem, issue the following netiqctrl commands:

      On the Management Server:
       netiqctrl> ping [mc-host] netiqmc

      On the Managed Client:
        netiqctrl> ping [ms-host] netiqmc

      If the the Client system cannot resolve the name of the Management server or the Management Server cannot resolve the name of the Managed client then there is most likely a problem with either DNS, WINS or a local host file entry on the server that cannot resolve the address.

    • Error 1338: Control Operation not Authorized

      This error is returned from when using netiqctrl to check an Agent that has the allowms option configured such that commands can only come from an authorized Management Server system. Check the 'allowms' registry key on the NetIQ managed client machine.

      See related AppManager Knowledge Base Article for details:

      NETIQKB2505:Jobs Fail with Operation not Authorized to Run on MC Error in a Multiple AppManager Management Server Environment

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