Operator Console hangs at 20% and I have to stop the netiq.exe task (NETIQKB51120)

  • 7751120
  • 09-Feb-2007
  • 29-Nov-2007


AppManager 6.0.2
AppManager Operator Console

Microsoft Windows 2003
Microsoft Windows 2000


When I try to exit, the Operator Console hangs at 20% and I have to stop the netiq.exe task.

Operator Console crashes when I select Objects or Views.


This issue was first corrected with the release of Hotfix 51120.  However, hotfix 51120 has been superseeded by Hotfix 70456.

Apply this hotfix to all computers that have the AppManager version 6.0.2 Operator Console installed.

Hotfix 70456 also resolves the issue where the Operator Console became unresponsive when Knowledge Scripts or Knowledge Script Groups are run on a large number of servers. This hotfix improves the Operator Console's performance by updating the search method to search multiple objects simultaneously.

Installing the Hotfix

You must update your Operator Console computers only once. The setup program updates all relevant AppManager components on a computer.

Download Hotfix 70456: https://download.netiq.com/KnowledgeDepot/AM/Hotfixes/Recommended/AM602_Hotfix70456.exe

The AM602_Hotfix70456.exe download package contains the following files:

  • AM602_Hotfix70456_setup.exe
  • AM602_Readme70456.htm

To install this hotfix, run AM602_Hotfix70456_setup.exe on all computers where Operator Console is installed.

The MAINT.LOG file lists all changes and problems encountered during the installation process. The MAINT.ERR log file lists only the problems encountered. By default, this file is located in the \NetIQ\Temp\NetIQ_Debug folderIf you receive an error applying this hotfix, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article:

NETIQKB54828 - Error: 'To apply this patch, your AppManager console installation must be between Control Center 6.0 and Control Center 6.0.2'. When applying Hotfix 51120


For the Japanese version of AppManager Operator console, please see NetIQKB53580


The Operator Console incorrectly allocates and deallocates memory when switching between views.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB51120

Additionally, you could confirm your AppManager Environmental configuration with NETIQKB45918 (see Related Solutions below)