Exchange2000_PublicStoreMountStatus and MailboxStoreMountStatus fail. (NETIQKB51061)

  • 7751061
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 21-Sep-2010


AppManager 6.0.x
Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 Service Pack 2
Microsoft Windows 2003


Exchange2000_PublicStoreMountStatus and MailboxStoreMountStatus fail.
Error: 'Failed to retrieve Exchange server info : DataSource.Open call failed (Error in loading DLL) on Microsoft Exchange 2003 ServicePack 2.'


To validate that you are experiencing this issue, you can replicate the CDO calls that the knowledge scripts make:

  1. Copy the following lines into a text file called cdotest.txt:

    Dim ExchServer
    ExchServer = InputBox("Enter your Exchange server name","Enter Exchange server name")
    Set oExch = CreateObject("CDOEXM.ExchangeServer")
    oExch.DataSource.Open ExchServer
    strExchDirServer = oExch.DirectoryServer
    MsgBox "Your DirectoryServer is: " & strExchDirServer,vbOkOnly,"DirectoryServer value"
  2. Rename the file to cdotest.vbs.

  3. Copy cdotest.vbs to your target Exchange server.

  4. Click Start> Run.

  5. From the directory where you copied the file, enter the command cscript testcdo.vbs.

  6. Follow the prompts.

To correct this issue, use the Exchange 2003 setup program to remove the reinstall Exchange System Manager.


Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack2 did not properly update CDOEXM.dll, a Collaboration Data Objects component that is installed when you install the Microsoft Exchange 2003 System Tools. 

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB51061