How many servers can run Security Translation at one time? (NETIQKB50866)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Oct-2007


Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

How many servers can run Security Translation at one time?

How do I know which servers' security will be translated?

NetIQ Technical Support has no tested limit to the number of servers that can run Security Translation.


To translate security for security accounts:

  1. Start the Security Translation Wizard from either the project settings or from the Global options. Domain Migration Administrator can only translate security for security accounts that have already been migrated with Domain Migration Administrator.  If there have been no user or group accounts migrated, the option to Translate Security will not be available.
  2. Select the migration option you want, either Test the Migration Settings and migrate later or Migrate now.
  3. Select the security accounts you want to translate security for.
  4. Select the computer accounts that hold the resources for those security accounts. If you do not know which computer accounts have resources that the selected security accounts have access to, click Analyze
  5. Select all the objects you want to translate security for.
  6. Select Translate Security.
  7. Enter in the credentials of a user account that has administrator level privileges on the computer accounts you will translate security on.
  8. Click Finish.


For more information on how to translate security, see the following NetIQ Knowledge Base articles:

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