What is the purpose of the Updatewin2k spreadsheet? (NETIQKB50772)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What is the purpose of the Updatewin2k spreadsheet?

Does Directory and Resource Administrator provide an easy way to modify many accounts in Active Directory at once?

How do I use DRA to batch update class properties in Active Directory?

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x

The Updatewin2k.xls file is an Excel application that allows you to retrieve the properties of various classes in Active Directory, such as Computer, Contact, Group, OU, and User.  After retrieving properties, you can use the spreadsheet to update multiple properties in Active Directory.


Updating Active Directory from the Updatewin2k.xls spreadsheet can fail in the following circumstances:

  • When retrieving user properties, the data worksheet populates with objects from the Recycle Bin. Delete any row that contains an object from the recycle bin when performing an update or the update will fail. 
  • The update operation fails when you run it over a terminal session.

Download the Updatewin2k.xls spreadsheet file from the Knowledge Depot on the NetIQ DRA Support Site. To access the Knowledge Depot, log on using a myNetIQ account with access to extended support. 

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