Error: The Data is Invalid generated when trying to import a .csv file. (NETIQKB50599)

  • 7750599
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Oct-2007


Domain Migration Administrator 7.x

Error: "The Data is Invalid" generated when trying to import a .csv file.

Importing a .csv file returns invalid data.

  • When the .csv file lists multiple source domains and some or all of those source domains are down or inaccessible, the .csv file import can fail. 
  • If the user account performing the import procedure lacks permissions and access to all source and target domains listed in the .csv file, the .csv file import can fail.


To enable successful importation of the .csv file :

  • If the .csv file contains many domains, sort the .csv file by source domain name.  This speeds the import process.
  • Verify the user account performing the import procedure is a member of the Domain Admins global group in the Source Domain listed in the Source column of the .csv file and a member of the Built-in Administrators domain local group in the Target Domain listed in the  Target column.
  • Before beginning the import procedure, ensure all domains listed in the .csv file are up and accessible to DMA.


During the .csv import process, DMA attempts to connect to each source and target domain for each account listed in the .csv file.  When connected, DMA gathers additional information required to populate the MigratedObjects table.

This process adds the entries to the database as they appear in the CSV file.  DMA also adds the supplementary information it retrieves from live accounts, including:

  • The Active Directory Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of each user.
  • The relative identifier (RID) of the source and target accounts.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB50599