Is there a way to create a user interface extension for the manager field that contains a Browse but (NETIQKB50550)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Is there a way to create a user interface extension for the manager field that contains a Browse button?

How can I include a Browse button when I create a user interface extension?

Why don't I get an option for a Browse button when creating a user interface extension?

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


A Browse button is an example of a multi-valued property field. Multi-valued property fields are not supported in DRA at this time.


This type of functionality is not currently supported in Directory and Resource Administrator. Two different workarounds exist, however. If you want to change the value of the Manager field for a particular user account, the Assistant Admin who created the account can go back into the account and select a manager for that user.

To change the manager assigned to a user:

  1. In the console tree, click Users.
  2. In the list pane, type your search criteria in the contains text box and click Find Now.
  3. Right-click the appropriate user account from the list returned and select Properties.
  4. Click the Managed by tab.
  5. Under Manager, click Change and type the name of the manager in the contains text box, then click Find Now.
  6. Click OK and then click OK again to exit the Properties window.

Additionally, it is possible to create a user interface extension with a default value of not set for the Manager field. Selecting not set as the default value allows you to run a query against Active Directory to identify which accounts did not have the Manager field filled in after creation. For more information, see the Administrator Guide for Directory and Resource Administrator.

Note: The request for this type of functionality is being considered for a future release. At this time, however, there has been no decision made to include this feature.

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