How can I access DRA using a mobile device? (NETIQKB50526)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


How can I access DRA using a mobile device?

Does Directory and Resource Administrator support a web interface for mobile devices?

Can DRA be accessed by devices such as a Blackberry?

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.x


Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) does not currently provide support for mobile devices such as web enabled smartphones or Blackberry devices. 

The request for this type of functionality is being considered for a future release. At this time, however, there has been no decision made to include this feature.

You can access DRA consoles using a terminal server session.  If a mobile device supports terminal server sessions, then it may allow you to access DRA.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB50526

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