What types of email notifications can Secure Password Administrator send? (NETIQKB50311)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 07-Oct-2011


Secure Password Administrator 1.0


What types of email notifications can Secure Password Administrator send?

I would like SPA to notify me of specific events.

I want SPA to notify users when their password is reset.


Email notification is one of the many features provided by Secure Password Administrator (SPA) that helps you track product usage and pinpoint logon failures. Your can also use email notification to keep network users aware of their password change status. You can configure SPA to send email notifications on the following actions:

  • Successful Password Change
  • Failed Password Change
  • User Unlocked
  • User Locked Out
  • Account Added to SPA Profile
  • Account Removed from SPA Profile

By default, SPA notifies the SPA profile owner.  However, you can also configure SPA to send email notifications to any email-enabled user or group.

You can configure the following options from the SPA Admin site:

  • Mail server name
  • From field text of mail sent from Secure Password Administrator
  • Recipients of email for successful password changes
  • Recipients of email for failed password change attempts
  • Content of email sent for either successful or failed password changes

To modify email notification settings:

  1. Start Internet Explorer and navigate to the Secure Password Administrator Admin site.
  2. Specify the credentials of a member of the DRA Admins AA group, and then click Log on.
  3. Click Configure Email Notifications.
  4. On the Configure Email Notifications window, modify the appropriate values, and then click Save Changes.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB50311

SPA only supports Microsoft Exchange for sending email notifications.