What are the NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries version 8.0 system requirements for upgrading to I (NETIQKB50204)

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NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries

NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries 8.0


What are the NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries version 8.0 system requirements for upgrading to IBM OS/V5R3?


Before upgrading to IBM OS/V5R3, complete the following steps:

  1. Permanently apply all NetIQ PTFs by performing the following steps: 
      1. On the command line, type APYPTF and press Enter. It is not necessary to perform an IPL. The command can be entered and run interactively.
      2. Type APYPTF LICPGM(1PSA001) and press F4.
      3. In the Release field, type *ONLY and press Tab.
      4. Type *ALL.
      5. In the Extent of change field, type *PERM and press Tab.
      6. Type *NO and press Enter.
      7. Repeat Step B through Step F for licensed programs 1PSC001, 1PSD001, 1PSI001, 1PSP001 and 1PSS001. It is possible there are no PTFs for some licensed programs.
    • Type WRKREGINF from a command line and page down to exit point QIBM_QTMT_WSG - WSG Server Sign-On Validation.
    • If exit point QIBM_QTMT_WSG does not exist on your server, skip to Step 6.
    • Type 8 (Work with exit programs) to the left of exit point QIBM_QTMT_WSG and press Enter.
    • If exit program NW0001E is associated with the exit point QIBM_QTMT_WSG, type 4 to the left of the exit point and press Enter. Beginning with OS V5R2, this exit point is no longer registered. The OS upgrade de-registers the exit point, but it cannot de-register an exit point if there is an exit program associated with it. For more information about removing exit program QIBM_QTMT_WSG, see the NetIQ Knowledge Base article NETIQKB46825: "Exit Program cannot be removed from Exit Point QIBM_QTMT_WSG." www.netiq.com/kb/esupport/consumer/solutionarea.asp?id=NETIQKB46825.
    • Note the exit program registered with exit point QIBM_QTG_DEVINIT. Some OS/400 upgrades remove the exit program. Once you have finished the OS upgrade, reinstall the exit program noted.
    • If you are using PSSecure Profile and Password Management to monitor user profiles, remove the Q* entry from the Exclusions list and hold the PSPROFILE scheduled job. The V5R3 upgrade can remove and replace one of the IBM "Q" profiles. To remove the entry:
      1. Type WRKJOBSCDE and look for job PSPROFILE. If the PSPROFILE job is scheduled, put it on hold.
      2. From the NetIQ Product Access Menu, type 2 (PSSecure) and press Enter.
      3. Type 2 (Profile and Password Management) and press Enter.
      4. Type 1 (General Options Menu) and press Enter.
      5. Type 17 (User Profile Exclusions) and press Enter.
      6. Remove the entry for Q*.

    After completing the operating system upgrade, perform the following steps:

    1. If you removed the Q* entry from the Exclusion list and set the PSPROFILE job to Hold, re-add the Q* entry to the Exclusion list and release the PSPROFILE scheduled job.
    2. Download and install PTFs for NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries version 8.0 from the following location: https://www.netiq.com/support/iseries/extended/hotfixes.asp

      Registration is required to access the site.

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