How do I set Dial-in Permissions to be Control Through Remote Access Policy in the UpdateWin2k Spr (NETIQKB50124)

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How do I set Dial-in Permissions to be "Control Through Remote Access Policy" in the UpdateWin2k Spreadsheet?

How do I modify Dial-in Permissions in the UpdateWin2k Spreadsheet?

How do I update the values in the msNPAllowDialin column of the UpdateWin2k Spreadsheet?

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5


The UpdateWin2k spreadsheet enables you to retrieve from Active Directory properties from various classes, such as Computer, Contact, Group, OU, and User.  You can batch update multiple properties to Active Directory from this spreadsheet. 

The Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) SDK includes the UpdateWin2k spreadsheet. For more information about the DRA SDK, see NETIQKB311, What is the Software Development Kit (SDK) and what can it do?

To update Dial-in Properties for multiple user accounts using the UpdateWin2k spreadsheet:

  1. Open the UpdateWin2k.xls file.

  2. For each account with a Dial-in permission you want to modify, change the value listed in the appropriate cell in the msNPAllowDialin column.

  3. Notes:

    • You can update the UpdateWin2k.xls file manually or you can import values from another spreadsheet or csv file.
    • To enable an account to dial in to the network, specify TRUE.
    • To deny an account the ability to dial in to the network, specify FALSE.
    • To specify that the Dial-in setting use a remote policy specified by the Control access through remote access policy setting, enter a space in the cell.
    • Note: Do not leave a cell blank.

  4. Save the UpdateWin2k.xls file.

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