How do I run a local or silent install for the VigilEnt Security Agent for Unix? (NETIQKB50121)

  • 7750121
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 25-Apr-2012


  • 5.6 UNIX Security Agent
  • 5.5 UNIX Security Agent


Desire to set up a silent installation of the Legacy 5.6 or earlier NetIQ UNIX Security Agent.


There are multiple alternative installation options for the legacy 5.5 and 5.6 UNIX (VigilEnt) Security Agent.

Creating a response file

To perform a silent install, you will need to create a response file before you run the agent installation.  If a silent install is not needed then skip to the bottom of this article.

Create a text file called install_input that contains a line for each required response. If you want to take the default response, leave a blank line for the entry. The following are the prompts that require entries in the install_input file:

Type [Enter] to continue.
Target path for Unix Agent [/usr]
Using /opt for installation Hit [Enter]
uvserv port number[1622]
uagent port number[2620]
restart method for uagent and uvserv(rclink|inittab|inetd)[rclink]
restart method for detectd(rclink|inittab)[rclink]
Vulnerability Manager Core Services IP address([]
Vulnerability Manager Core Services Port[1626]
Security Manager Central Computer IP address([]
Security Manager Central Computer Port [1636]
Destination of SNMP Traps([]
Type [Enter] to continue.
Type [Enter] to continue.

The install_input file for an install which changes the default agent installation directory and assigns the SM Central Computer to a specific IP_address would look like the following:
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>
<blank line>

To install the VigilEnt Security Agent:

  1. Put the files, setup.tar, and the operating system-specific .taz from the install image or CD into a directory on the Unix system.
  2. If you use FTP, transfer the .tar and .taz files in binary mode and transfer the in ASCII mode.
  3. For the VigilEnt Security Agent for Unix 5.0, the .taz files are named vsau{OS}.taz
  4. For the NetIQ Security Agent for Unix 5.5/5.6, the .taz files are named  nssu_{OS}.taz
  5. Note that the VigilEnt Security Agent was renamed to the NetIQ Security Agent with the release of version 5.5/5.6.
  6. Enter chmod 500 to make executable.
  7. Ensure that all files are owned by root user.

Silent Install:

  • To begin the silent install run:
    • ./  <  install_input

  • If you want to run the install in background and capture the install messages enter:
    • nohup /bin/sh ./ < install_input 2>&1 > install.out &

Manual installation:

  • Run the install:
    • ./
  • The prompts will appear as stated above but need to be manually responded to.