PSDetect has stopped sending alerts for events for enabled filters. (NETIQKB50034)

  • 7750034
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 02-Oct-2014


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NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries 8.0
NetIQ Security Solutions for iSeries 8.1


PSDetect has stopped sending alerts for events for enabled filters.
The QHSTLOGSIZ system value was changed.


QHSTLOGSIZ is the history log file size system value.  This system value specifies the maximum number of records each history log version can contain.

Modifying the value of QHSTLOGSIZ can cause PSDETECT to function incorrectly. 

If you modify the value of QHSTLOGSIZ, specifying a higher value is preferable to specifying a lower value.  However, the correct setting for this system value is highly dependent on the amount of activity on your system. Before modifying the value of QHSTLOGSIZ, contact NetIQ Technical Support or IBM.


Changing the number of records for the QHSTLOGSIZ system value can cause PSDetect to miss events for which it should send alerts.  This issue can also occur if the value of QHSTLOGSIZ is too small or too large.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB50034