Discovery of Exchange Managed Object fails with OLE Automation 'can't create object.' (NETIQKB49842)

  • 7749842
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Apr-2011


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


Exchange Module cannot be discovered.
Error: 'Can't create object.'


To discover the managed object, grant the Monitoring Account Local Administrative rights for the Discovery_Exchange. Once the Discovery is complete, you may remove the Local Administrative rights.

For more information about other Service Account requirements for particular Knowledge Scripts, see the AppManager Exchange 2000 Congfiguration Guide.


Discovery of the Exchange Managed Object requires the Monitoring Account, the account of the qExch1a service, to have Local Administrative rights on the Exchange server.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB49842