Cannot merge on disabled ADC created accounts. (NETIQKB49800)

  • 7749800
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 17-Apr-2008


Exchange Migrator 2.x

Cannot merge on disabled ADC created accounts.

Mailboxes are migrated instead of moved even though the scenario is intra-org and intra-site.

The correct migration scenario is not used even when the options are user defined.

Exchange Migrator shows intra-site migration in log file but performs the migration as if it were inter-site.

NetIQ Technical Support has determined that Exchange Migrator has a known issue with detecting scenarios.


To resolve the issue:

  1. Create a new project in Exchange Migrator, choosing to manually over-ride the migration scenario and selecting Intra-Org scenario.
  2. In SQL Enterprise Manager, connect to the computer that hosts the EMA database.
  3. Connect to the EMA database.
  4. Expand Tables.
  5. Right-click the Project table > Open Table> Return all Rows.
  6. Find the row that includes the display name of the new project just created, and ensure the value for the AddIADstoScripts is Yes
  7. Create a new mailbox object on the source Exchange 5.5 server, allowing your ADC Connection agreement to run and create the disabled user account in the target OU.
  8. Enable the newly created ADC account.
  9. Add the new mailbox to your newly created project.
  10. Specify Migration Options for the newly created project.
  11. Migrate the newly created mailbox.


When the Active Directory Connector Connection Agreement creates the disabled user account in the target OU, it should stamp both the source Microsoft Exchange 5.5 mailbox and the target ADC created account with the msExchADCGlobalNames attribute. If the EX5 and NT5 properties of the msExchADCGlobalNames attribute of both objects do not exactly match, Exchange Migrator will not merge the Microsoft Exchange 5.5 mailbox onto the ADC created user account. 

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB49800