Exchange Migrator hangs for an undetermined amount of time with no progress indications (NETIQKB49662)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 18-Jan-2008


Exchange Migrator 2.x

Exchange Migrator hangs for an undetermined amount of time with no progress indications

Exchange Migrator stops migrating

Taking too long to migrate mailboxes

After starting a migration, Exchange Migrator hangs in an unresponsive state

Error:  'ERROR - Failed attempting incremental migration of mailbox messages [CN=User, Name,OU=Users,DC=targetDomain,DC=com][HR=0xc00459f3]'.

This can be caused when Exchange Migrator tries to migrate mailboxes to a mailbox store that is unavailable or dismounted, or if any of the Exchange critical services are unavailable.  If the mailbox store is unavailable, and the target Exchange Environment is Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 Stadard Edition, the database could be over the 16 GB size limit as per Microsoft specifications


To identify which mailbox store Exchange Migrator is migrating to"

  1. Right-click the Exchange Migrator project and select Specify Migration Options.
  2. Advance to the Select Information Stores page.
  3. View the contents of Select private store. Mailboxes will be created here

Verify the mailbox store that Exchange Migrator is migrating to is mounted and accessible:

  1. In Microsoft Exchange System Manager, click  Action> Properties.
  2. Enable Display routing groups and Display administrative groups.
  3. Expand the Administrative Groups container and the target Administrative Group. 
  4. Expand the Servers container and the target Exchange Server.
  5. Expand the target Storage Group and the target Mailbox Store.
  6. View the status to verify the target mailbox store is mounted and accessible.

For more information about Microsoft Exchange size limitations, see Microsoft article 828070: "Exchange Server Mailbox Store does not mount when the Mailbox Store database reaches the 16-GB limit" at

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