What is the purpose of the Check to refresh secondary on auto-refresh checkbox? (NETIQKB49638)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
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What is the purpose of the Check to refresh secondary on auto-refresh checkbox?

How do I avoid refreshing my secondary DRA server when my primary one refreshes?

How do I set my primary and secondary DRA servers to have different replication schedules?

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5

Secondary DRA servers are being automatically refreshed during peak business hours.


The option Check to refresh secondary on auto-refresh allows the refresh schedule for the primary DRA server to apply to the secondary server. If the option is checked, the primary server will refresh according to schedule, then will push the registry files to the secondary server and send a refresh request. The request causes the secondary server to load the new registry files and update its providers.

Primary and secondary servers are often in different time zones. The primary may replicate at midnight, which may be peak business hours for the secondary server.


The secondary server has its own refresh schedule in case it was offline when the refresh request was sent. The primary server pushes the files to the secondary but does not send the refresh request. The refresh happens according to refresh schedule on the secondary server. To allow the primary and secondary servers to have separate refresh schedules:

  • In the Delegation and Configuration console, browse to Configuration Management> Administrations Servers.
  • Highlight the Primary server.
  • Click Properties.
  • Click Synchronization schedule.
  • Clear Check to refresh secondary on auto-refresh.


If you manually synchronize the servers, you bypass all scheduling options. All servers will refresh immediately.

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