Policies are not replicated correctly between primary and secondary Administration servers. (NETIQKB49485)

  • 7749485
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5

Policies are not replicated correctly between primary and secondary Administration servers.

The NetIQ Administration Service cannot restart on the primary Administration server.

After a multi-master synchronization, the NetIQ Administration Service on the secondary Administration server stops and cannot restart.

A DRA policy registry entry is corrupt or missing.


This issue is addressed in NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator version 7.5 Hotfix 49485.

Hotfix 49485 addresses an issue with how Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) handles corrupt policies. When you create policies using DRA, DRA stores the policy information in registry entries on the primary Administration server. If you have secondary Administration servers, DRA replicates the policy registry entries from the primary Administration server to the secondary Administration servers during multi-master synchronization.

  • If the registry entry for a policy becomes corrupt on the primary Administration server, and then the NetIQ Administration Service stops, the corrupt policy registry entry prevents the NetIQ Administration Service from restarting.
  • If the primary Administration server replicates the corrupt policy registry entry to a secondary Administration server, when the secondary Administration server attempts to load the corrupt policy, the NetIQ Administration Service stops and cannot restart.

To correct this issue, you must identify the corrupt policy, then delete and recreate the policy. This hotfix helps you quickly identify the corrupt policy by logging the name of the corrupt policy and registry keys in the Windows Event Viewer Application log.

Note: This hotfix requires DRA version 7.5.

To download and install this hotfix, perform the following steps on each Administration server computer:

  1. Close all DRA user interfaces.
  2. Run the DRA75000_Hotfix49485.msi file on each Administration server computer.

Hotfix 49485 modifies the following files on the Administration server computer:

  • EaCommon70.dll
  • EaPolicy.dll
  • EaObjProv.dll
  • McsAdminMsgEnu.dll
  • MCSAdminSvc.exe

By default, these files are located in the Program Files\NetIQ\DRA folder.

For more information, please contact NetIQ Technical Support at www.netiq.com/support .

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB49485