How can I trace a data stream from a Data Mart through to an OLAP cube? (NETIQKB49104)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 28-Mar-2011


NetIQ Analysis Center 2.x


How can I trace a data stream from a Data Mart through to an OLAP cube?


To trace the data stream, watch the following progression:

  1. The DataID column value becomes the idMetric column value in:
    • The Metric_M table in the Data Mart table.
    • The MetricKey_Map table in the Data Mart database.
    • The MetricKey_Map table in the Data Warehouse (AC_Warehouse) database.
  2. The MetricKey_Map table in the Data Warehouse database includes the data source identifier as defined in the AC_Configuration database, to be combined with the idMetric column because the idMetric will generate duplicate values in the Warehouse from multiple sources.
  3. The idMetricKey value is the enterprise key for the data stream and relates to the Metric table in the data warehouse database.
  4. The Metric table is used to source the OLAP Metric dimension and the Metric context in the user interface where the Description#UI columns are displayed values.


Data from NT_CpuLoaded jobs do not appear because the data was collected differently. For NT_CpuLoaded jobs, you may select the overall aggregate from all the CPUs, or you may select each CPU individually. If you select overall, the Description2UI value will be % Overall Processor Utilization and no Description3UI value. If you select the CPUs separately, the Description2UI value is % Processor Utilization with the Description3UI values being the individual number of the CPU.

Data streams are processed differently in 6.0.2 than in previous versions. In versions older than 6.0.2, the HiddenLegend value is PROCESSOR Utilization - CPU# 0^^%, and in 6.0.2 the value is PROCESSOR Utilization - CPU# 0. NetIQ Technical Support has identified the differences as an issue that will be addressed in a later release of Analysis Center and has provided an updated Legend for NT_CPULoaded and AM 6.0.2 at NETIQKB49104_NT.LEGEND.XML.

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