Action_RunKS fails with an error-based Event (NETIQKB49062)

  • 7749062
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 04-Oct-2010


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


Action_RunKS fails with an error-based Event
Action_RunKS Knowledge Script fails
Error: Failed to submit action for action job for event job with unknown error 7
Error: Unable to


To verify proper configuration:

  • Verify that the properties of the Knowledge Script being triggered by Action_RunKS. For example, ensure that the Knowledge Script has the correct Exchange server name, correct file location, and so on.
  • Verify that the location of the action (Action_RunKS) is set to the location of the agent where the Operator Console is installed. If the Operator Console is installed on the Management Server, use MS as the default action location.
  • Verify that the NetIQOLE Object is installed and registered. The NetIQOLE object is installed along with the Operator Console. 

NetIQOLE Object:

In order for this KS to work correctly, the Action must be set to run from an Agent that has a NetIQOLE.dll file installed and registered on it.

  • The NetIQOLE.dll file is automatically installed and registered on the following systems:
    • NetIQ AppManager Operator Console systems
    • NetIQ AppManager Report Agent systems

- If the server running the job that triggered the Action is either a Report Agent, or has an Operator Console installed on it, then the Action can be run as an MC-based Action.

- If the server running the job that triggered the Action is not a Report Agent, and does not have an Operator Consoel installed on it, you will need to configure the Action to be a Proxy-based action.  WHen you do this, you will be prompted to select a server from the list of known Agents.  Pick a server that you know is either a Report Agent or has an Operator Console installed on it.

If you need further assistance with the Action_RunKS knowledge script, please contact NetIQ Technical Support.


Knowledge Script associated with Action_RunKS is not properly configured, or it is being run form an Agent that does nto have NetIQOLE installed and registered.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB49062