AMADMIN_AgentInstall Jobs run from the wrong Management Server (NETIQKB48481)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Oct-2010


AppManager 6.0
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How can I assign a designated Management Server to run all AMADMIN_AgentInstall jobs in a multiple management server environment?
AMADMIN_AgentInstall Jobs run from the wrong Management Server in a Multiple Management Server environment.

The Primary Management Server does not pick up the job before another Management Server.


You can use a registry key to define which Management Server will accept and run Install or Maintenance jobs. By default, any Management Server can perform Installs and Maintenance jobs.

You can also designate a regular AppManager agent system as a proxy during the agent install or upgrade process, allowing the Management Server to performing this resource intensive task by using the AMAdmin_AgentInstallProxy KS to push your Agent Installs through the designated Proxy Server.

Locate the following Key in the Registry of each MS in a Multiple-MS environment:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | Software | NetIQ | AppManager | 4.0 | NetIQms | Config | Allow Agent Install

  • Set this Decimal value = 1 on the Management Server that you do want to have perform all AMAdmin_AgentInstall (and like) jobs, then restart the Management Server service on this server.  This is the default value for this Key on all MSs.
  • Set this Decimal value = 0 on all of the Management Servers that you do not want to have perform AMAdmin_AgentInstal (and like) jobs, and then restart the Management Server service on each of those servers.

Make sure that only one Management Server is designated as an "Install" server at a time.  In this way, you can force the least busy MS in a Multi-MS environment to handle all of your AMAdmin Install or Maintenance jobs.


AMADMIN_AgentInstall and similar jobs will run on the agent of the Management Server that picks up the pending job, regardless which Management Server the Agent has as its Primary Management Server.

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