How can I login into the Operator Console when the Probe account's password has been changed? (NETIQKB47628)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Dec-2010


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x
NetIQ AppManager Operator Console
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Server 2005


Unable to Login to AppManager Operator Console
When attempting to log into the AppManager Operator Console, you enter the SQL server name of the repository machine, the database never populates in the repository field and the LOGON button remains grayed out.
When the SQL Probe account has a password, the QDB list does not populate automatically when launching the operator console.
Unable to type a custom QDB name in the combo box.
Repository Field does not Automatically Populate the Name of the Database
Can the SQL 'probe' and 'NetIQ' account be deleted from AppManager?


Applying Hotfix 72122 for the NEtIQ AppManager Operator Console will allow the user to manually enter a QDB name into the 'Repository' combo box during Operator Console login process.  This bypasses the requirement for the Probe Account to populate the drop down list of discovered QDBs.

A Probe account is NOT required if you have installed Hotfix 72122 for the AppManager Operator Console in your AppManager 7.0.x environment, or if you have installed an Operator Console that was released after May of 2010.  If this is the case in your environment, you do not need the Probe Account.

For all version of the Operator Console released prior to May of 2010, in both AppManager 6.x and AppManager 7.0.x environments, the Probe account must exist on each SQL Server that is hosting an Appmanager Repository Database, and the Probe Account must NOT have a password in order for the Operator Console to function correctly.


The SQL Probe account is a special SQL login account with very limited permissions. It is used by AppManager to determine the location of QDBs on a SQL Server.  By design, this account cannot be used for more than querying for the QDB's location in SQL.

In SQL 7 and SQL 2000, the Probe Account was created automatically during the creation of any DB (including a new QDB).  The Operator Console was tied to this account, in order to determine the location of all QDBs on a given SQL Server.  In SQL 2005, the Probe Account was no longer automatically created by SQL, so we started creating it during the QDB creation process, in order to allow the Operator Console to continue to function as before.

By default, the SQL Probe account does not have any password set.  This same account is used by Microsoft Performance Monitor (Perfmon) to grab SQL related counters and used by many SQL installation processes on older versions of SQL.  On such servers, if a password is set on the SQL Probe account, Perfmon can not retrieve these SQL counters and other SQL accounts may not function properly.

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