How much disk space does the NetIQ Unix Agent need?

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 29-May-2012


  • 7.1 NetIQ UNIX Agent


How much disk space does the Unix agent need to function properly?


The amount of disk space required by the NetIQ UNIX Agent will very greatly based on the UNIX Agent functionality utilized.
Below are general rules of thumb for each Agent component in use.
  • NetIQ UNIX Agent:
    • 595MB is the minimum space needed at install.
    • 1GB or more is recommended for most installations.
  • Additions to this number:
    • Security Manager Events:
      • 5MB for every 10,000 events per log collection cycle.
        Example: 12 hour log collection cycle - 90,000 events are placed into the system logs.
        90000 / 10000 = 9 * 5MB  is ~45MB extra.
      • Keep in mind if the log archival cycle fails to communicate to log manager, the number above will double every archival cycle.
      • Auditing such as AIX, HP-UX, Oracle, etc can cause the numbers above to greatly jump. Looking at the number of lines written to the audit file over a 12 hour time period of average server activitly would be valueable in assessing the disk space needs.

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