How can I use DMA to rename accounts during migration? (NETIQKB47425)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 20-Sep-2007


How can I use DMA to rename accounts during migration?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.2

I specified a prefix or suffix to rename my accounts, but the names are not changed after the migration.

I want to rename accounts during migration using database modeling.

Accounts do not appear to be renamed after migration.


Domain Migration Administrator offers the folloiwng approaches for renaming accounts during migration:

  • Use the Rename all accounts with a Prefix/Suffix option when you specify your migration
  • Use database modeling to specify new account names

Any names specified in the database model overwrite any changes specified using Rename all accounts with a Prefix/Suffix.


Select the Prefix/Suffix option or the Database Modeling option to rename the accounts appropriately, depending on the results you want.

For more information, see Appendix F, How DMA Migrates and Renames Computers and How DMA Handles Data Modeling in the DMA & SC User Guide.

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