When I click the Set Primary Group button on some user property pages, it does not set the primar (NETIQKB47383)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


When I click the "Set Primary Group"  button on some user property pages, it does not set the primary group.

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5

The console enables the 'Set Primary Group' button on user property sheets even if the Assistant Administrator (AA) does not have 'Set primary groups' power.

The issue is due to the console not resolving the 'Set Primary Groups' power correctly.


NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator version 7.5 Hotfix 47030

This hotfix addresses the following usability issues in the Account and Resource Management (ARM) console:

To install this hotfix, Perform the following steps on each computer where you installed the DRA Account and Resource Management Console:

  1. Close all DRA user interfaces.
  2. Run the DRA75000_Hotfix47030.msi file.

This hotfix modifies the following files in the installation directory, by default C:\Program Files\NetIQ\DRA:

  • NetIQ.DRA.Console.Accounts.dll
  • NetIQ.DRA.Controls.dll
  • NetIQ.DRA.Framework.dll
  • NetIQ.DRA.ServerObjects.dll
  • NetIQ.DRA.UIExtensions.dll

For more information, contact Technical Support at www.netiq.com/support.


Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB47383