What is delta reporting and how do I use it? (NETIQKB47191)

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What is delta reporting and how do I use it?

How do I compare security checkup reports?

NetIQ Vulnerability Manager 5.5


Once you run security checkup reports, you can use the Vulnerability Manager delta reporting feature to compare two reports to easily identify and monitor changes to systems.  Delta reports show the difference between a previous set of results and the current set of results, rather than the difference in two endpoints.

Deltas are made by comparing specific fields of returned data from both reports to see if they match.  Since delta reports compare specific fields, those fields must match in the two security checkup reports you are comparing.  Therefore, you can only run delta reports for security checkup reports generated for endpoints managed by the same agent version.

To use delta reporting to compare security checkup reports:

1. In the tree pane, expand Job Queues.

Click Completed.

Select the security checkup report whose runs you want to compare.

4. In the bottom of the content pane, click the All Runs of this Report tab.

5. Hold down Shift or Ctrl and select the two report runs you want to compare.

6. On the Actions menu, click Run Delta Report.

Follow the instructions in the wizard to run the report.

8. To view the report, double-click the report name in the Completed job queue.

For more information about delta reporting, see the Vulnerability Manager User Guide.

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