TCP Socket connection closed unexpectedly. (NETIQKB47088)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 12-Jan-2011


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


Error: 'CHR0245: The partner program closed the TCP socket connection unexpectedly.'

After a connection had been established, the partner program closed the connection. The program that detected the error expected the partner to continue exchanging data on that connection.


To improve data transmission:

  1. Find other potential problems by looking in the error log on the partner computer. The log should contain an entry indicating the cause of the problem. For example, if data did not validate correctly, CHR0242 messages will be present on the partner computer--indicating that data validation failed.
  2. Ensure that the send_buffer_size is less than or equal to the endpoint's actual buffer size. Follow the recommended Operator Action for the error messages found on the partner endpoint.
  3. If you are using Chariot, increase the run options Retransmission Timeout or the Number of Retransmits before Aborting. For more information about data retransmission,, see the product documentation.
  4. If you are using End2End, edit the datagram parameters of the network connection to increase the Retransmission Timeout.
  5. Use batch reporting instead of real-time to substantially reduce the amount of network traffic.


Data transmission failed between the partner program and AppManager. Some examples of how this failure can occur are:

  • The partner program encountered an error while running a test, but could not report the error on the connection being used for the tests. Most commonly, this error occurs when using TCP, SPX, IPX, RTP, or UDP in a very busy network. If the network has a lot of traffic, data is lost. The endpoints will retransmit, but if the congestion is such that all the retransmissions are lost, the endpoints eventually time out. If you run a very large test with just a few computers serving as endpoints, you can get this error. TCP may abort connections if data is retransmitted for a given period without an ACK.
  • The run option Validate data upon Receipt was specified, and data at Endpoint 2 did not validate correctly during the test.
  • The send_buffer_size is greater than the internal buffer size of the endpoint. For example, in the FTPGet and FTPPut scripts, the send_buffer_size and receive_buffer_size are set to 4096 to emulate the real FTP application. With IPX, the default value on all endpoints is either 537 or 1391, so FTPGet and FTPPut cannot run using IPX without changing the send_buffer_size.
  • You are using MVS, Linux, Sun Solaris, or Windows 3.1 as one of the endpoints in a pair and are testing through a proxy firewall. These operating systems do not support using port correlation for scripts with more than one connection, because they do not support abortive closes.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB47088