How to manually download AutoSync updates without having the AutoSync Wizard connected to the Internet (NETIQKB47034)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 12-Apr-2018


Netiq Secure Configuration Manager 5.8.2
Netiq Secure Configuration Manager 5.9.x
Netiq Secure Configuration Manager 5.9
Secure Configuration Manager 6.x
Secure Configuration Manager 7.0


To download the latest AutoSync updates to computers on your LAN that do not have Internet access:

  1. On a computer that has Internet access, download the zip file from the AutoSync server at
  2. Copy the zip file to the appropriate transportable media.
  3. Copy the zip file from the transportable media locally to the target host computer, which is running a Web server (IIS, Apache, etc). 
  4. Unzip the contents into a folder on this Web server.
  5. On the computer needing to manually download the Autosync updates, click Settings... in the AutoSync Wizard to specify the URL of the internal Web server. 
  6. Type the internal URL to the folder that now contains the unzipped contents. Note: Depending on how the internal Web server is configured, this URL can most likely use HTTP instead of HTTPS. This is a one-time step.
  7. Click Check for Updates in the AutoSync Wizard.
  8. Apply the updates you choose.


Some customers do not have the ability to connect their AutoSync Wizard to the Internet to download the latest AutoSync updates.  Therefore, Development has created a way to manually download the updates without requiring AutoSync to be connected to the Internet.

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Formerly known as NETIQKB47034