Warning - failed attempting to duplicate properties for folder [Top][HR=0x00000001] (NETIQKB47004)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 29-May-2008


Exchange Migrator 2.x

Warning - failed attempting to duplicate properties for folder  [Top][HR=0x00000001]

ERROR - Failed attempting to create folder [µ¿±âÈ­ ¹®Á?][HR=0x80040604]

Mailbox data is not migrated

Duplicate folders appear on target mailbox


Exchange Migrator 2.3 does not support non-English Exchange migrations. This issue has been reported when performing an Exchange migration for some International (non-English) clients using an English language Exchange Migrator console rather than a console that reflects the desired client language. This has also been reported when migrating between English language Exchange servers being accessed by non-English language mail clients.

This can result in duplicate email folders being created on the target mailbox: one set named in English and the other set named in the client language. This can occur when migrating with data or when running the Synchronize and Update Migrated Mailboxes wizard.


Use the following workaround that may result in a successful migration:

  1. Launch each source and target MAPI profile being specified for Exchange Migrator using an Outlook XP or later non-English client and the OUTLOOK.EXE /resetfoldernames switch. This command renames the folders of the MAPI profile to reflect the desired client language. For more information, see command line switches in Outlook help.
  2. Set the default locale on the Exchange Migrator console to that of the desired client language.
  3. Run the migration.

Exchange Migrator 2.2 Service Pack 1 Hotfix 21235 offers support for International Exchange migrations. However, the tested scenarios did not include an English language client migrating between English language servers being accessed by non-English clients. As a result, this issue and workaround also apply when you use EM 2.2, SP1, Hotfix 21235.

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