What criteria is used to determine if an update will be available for download using AutoSync? (NETIQKB46896)

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What criteria is used to determine if an update will be available for download using AutoSync?

NetIQ Vulnerability Manager 5.0

NetIQ Vulnerability Manager 5.5

A subset of the total number of alerts published by TruSecure is converted to templates and security checks for NVM.  There are two parts to the decision to create NVM content:

  1. The TruSecure alert must concern a platform or application supported by the NVM solution.
  2. If the alert does concern a supported platform or application, then the alert?s risk rating becomes the determining factor.  Each TruSecure alert is assigned a score based upon TruSecure?s Urgency, Credibility, and Severity (UCS) Risk Rating System.  Each component of the UCS Risk Rating System is given a score between 1 and 5.  NVM content is created if both the Urgency and Severity scores are greater than or equal to 3.

Vulnerability Manager delivers updated vulnerability checks and other security information using the secure AutoSync update service. Partnering with TruSecure Corporation, a leading security advisory service, the AutoSync connection delivers the following types of security knowledge:

  • In-depth analysis and remedies for the latest vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • Individual security checks for specific vulnerabilities.
  • Additional regulation-driven policy templates that you can immediately run.
  • Additional best-practices policy templates based on industry expert advice.
  • Latest manufacturer recommended updates so you are always checking system patch levels based on current information.
  • Additional product reports.

Occasionally, you may want to check only for the latest vulnerability. The AutoSync service delivers security checks in policy templates so you can immediately run them. Later, you can add the security checks to other policy templates you run regularly.

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