Is the IIS 5.0 Isolation mode required when installing VigilEnt Policy Center and IIS 6.0? (NETIQKB46843)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 23-Jan-2008


Is the IIS 5.0 Isolation mode required when installing VigilEnt Policy Center and IIS 6.0?

VigilEnt Policy Center 4.x


A default installation of VigilEnt Policy Center (VPC) does not require IIS 6.0 to run in IIS 5.0 Isolation mode.  However, the Windows 2003 operating system must allow unknown ISAPI filters to accommodate the ISAPI filter installed and used by VPC. 

Note: VPC 4.0 is required when installing VPC on Windows 2003.  Windows 2003 is not a supported platform for any previous version of VPC.

When troubleshooting VPC installations with IIS 6.0, please contact NetIQ Technical Support for more information at

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