How does the Tivoli Connector for AppManager work? (NETIQKB46620)

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NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


How does the Tivoli Connector for AppManager work?

Is there a FAQ about the Tivoli Connector for AppManager?


  1. How is the BAROC file used? 
    It is used by the Tivoli TEC Server to allow the AM Tivoli Connector to properly define the Classes of events sent and the format of the Events sent to Tivoli TEC.
  2. Is it a filter on the Tivoli Server?
    The BAROC File is not intended to be a filter. It can be used in that manner because Tivoli TEC will reject any event of a class that has not been defined in the BAROC file that the TEC Server loads.
  3. How do you edit it?
    This can be edited manually, using any text editor. But editing this file must be done in a manner consistent with the TEC Server rules for a BAROC file - see Tivoli TEC Documentation.
  4. On the Management server where the Tivoli connector is installed, there is a Tivoli UI called Configuration? This is also a filter?
    On the AM MS Host that has the AM/Tivoli connector installed, there is a program called AM/Tivoli Configuration Utility. This utility is the tool used to define how the connector operates.
    • The filtering allowed here has two types:
      Category filtering - meaning that only events generated by a KS from the Categories selected will be sent to Tivoli. 
      Severity Filtering - meaning that only events with AM severity selected will be sent to Tivoli.
  5. When dealing with renamed scripts, how do you filter appropriately for those?
    If the customer has renamed the KSs then they have some decisions to make:

    a) Do the renamed KSs all have the same categories as the originals or are they in different categories?
    1) Same (i.e. NT, Exchange, SQL, Exchange2000, as in NT_CPULoaded, etc.) - Then no changes needed to enable Connector based filtering
    2) Different (i.e. CompanyName, ClusterName, ServerGroup, as in Oreo_CPULoaded, etc.) - Then the file adpt.xml will have to be updated to identify the new category types.

    If changes are needed use the NetIQ Connector File Creation Tool, nqconnector.exe to regenerate the file adpt.xml. Then run the Configuration Utility again and select whether or not to filter the new categories. Once you press OK, it will restart the Management Server and the Connector. 

    Select the newly found KS Categories to add to the Tivoli Connector's list of filterable KS Categories. 

    b) How are the events sent to Tivoli (what class style)?
          1) NetIQ_KS_Event - No changes needed to BAROC file

          2) NetIQ__Event - If all renamed KSs keep the same Category then no changes needed

          3) NetIQ__ - The BAROC file must be updated 
    If you need to update the BAROC file use the Netiq Connector File Creation Tool (nqconnector.exe) to create a updated BAROC file for use in Tivoli. You will have to copy this file to the TEC Server and replace the current BAROC file with this updated version. See Tivoli documentation on how to replace a BAROC file.
  1. Do you have to update the Configuration Wizard on the MS AND the Baroc file?
    Yes; See above 
  2. Why are there two filters?
    There are not two filters. The connector supports filtering based on AM Category and AM Severity. The BAROC file is not intended by NetIQ to be used as a filter. It is purely to enable events to be sent and properly formatted by Tivoli TEC.

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