Error: 'This Server is not a Dell Server or Dell MO is not installed' (NETIQKB46308)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 18-Jan-2011


NetIQ AppManager 6.x
NetIQ AppManager 7.0.x


Error: 'This Server is not a Dell Server or Dell MO is not installed'
SNMP errors when attempting to discover DELL Managed Object?
Discovery_Dell Knowledge Script fails


The Discovery_Dell knowledge script can fail for various reasons.  Perform the following diagnostic steps to determine the cause of failure.

Before you begin, review the following Dell article for systems running Windows 2003 SP1 and above:

First Diagnostic Step--Operator Console:

On the Operator Console, verify the Discovery_Dell Knowledge Script is running with the appropriate Community string.  If you leave the field blank, the script will first attempt to use the SNMP defined community string for the Server listed within AppManager Security Manager and if there is not a defined Community String, it will default to the Community string public.

Note: The Community string is case sensitive.

Second Diagnostic Step--AppManager Managed Client Dell Server:

Note: Dell OpenManage Software must be installed on the client to ensure successful integration and discovery of the Dell Managed Object components.Dell OpenManage Software is, therefore, required for discovery.

Verify the Installed Dell software meets the required listed version from our product page listed here:

Dell Discovery has some specific SNMP component requirements as well as requiring the installation of the DELL Managed Object.  Use the following steps to configure the required settings:

Verify the existence of the DELL Managed Object (QDELLA4.DLL):

  1. On the AppManager Managed Client Dell Server, navigate to the AppManager install folder, <...NetIQ\AppManager\Bin\> Directory.
  2. Verify that the QDELLA4.DLL file exists.
  3. If the file does not exist, perform either of the following two options to restore the QDella4.dll Managed Object File:

Option 1. Copythe file from a server that has the MO installed and located in the same directory or go to Step 3.

  1. Open a DOS command window in the same folder.
  2. Type REGSVR32 QDELLA4.DLL  to register the .DLL file.
  3. Re-run the Discovery_Dell Knowledge Script

Option 2. Re-install the AppManager Managed client and select the Dell Managed Object option.

Verify the correct SNMP Service configuration:

    1. As an account that has administrative permissions, log on to the Dell Server Managed Client.
    2. Enter the NT Services Applet.
    3. Expand Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Service > Properties > Security.
    4. Ensure the Server HOST name (as listed in the AppManager Console treeview) and IP are also listed in the allow packets from window, or that Accept from any host is selected. 
    5. If the same Server HOST name is not listed in the allow packets from window, enter the local computer HOST name and IP address . Do not enter or rely on Local Host.
    6. Restart the SNMP Service.

Third Diagnostic Step--Diagnosing the availability of the required DELL OID's on the Managed Client:

Use the SNMPwalk tool to determine if the required OIDs are available for successful discovery. 

  1. Download the SNMPWalk.exe file from the following location: and copy this to the C:\ drive on the Dell Server Managed Client. 
  2. Using the NetIQMC account, log on to the Remote Server.
  3. Open a DOS Window and type the following command:

    C:\  SNMPWALK.exe <servername or IP address> <Communitystring>  >> C:\SNMPwalk.TXT

  4. When the program is complete, open the C:\snmpwalk.txt file.  You should see the following OID's:

Dell Server Model                                             .

ArrayManager Version                                  .


Discovery Dell looks for the following OID for older software when Querying SNMP on the Dell Server to determine if Dell is installed:

 Dell Server Model                                             .

 After Discovery Dell determines whether this OID is accessible, it then discovers the Hardware OID's: 

AMI__InstPhysicalDiskStat .
Perc2DeviceStat  .
ArrayManager Version.

The newer software looks for the Array Manager Software:   

ArrayManager Version                                  .

The newer software then detects the following hardware:

g=0 cols=2 cellPadding=1 width="95%" border=1>
Server model.
All Data of Dell hardware.
fan probes.
temperature probes.
voltage probes.
Array objects.
Array physical disks.
Array logical disks .

If these items are not available, you may receive errors or Discovery failures.

Please note: If these OIDS are not available it may be necessary for the DELL Software to be re-installed.  We rely on the Manufacturer for this OID information and OID returned values.


This error can result from an incorrect SNMP configuration or from an incorrect query of the OIDs.

Additional Information

Formerly known as NETIQKB46308

If these steps do not address your Dell Discovery issue, Please contact NetIQ Technical Support for further steps.