Unable to run any SMS reports. Error: 'Character 'X' not valid QCANPARS 0625 MSCL101 01 (NETIQKB46117)

  • 7746117
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 08-Oct-2007


Secure Menuing System (SMS)

VigilEnt Security Agent for iSeries

VigilEnt Security Agent for PSSecure 7.5

Unable to run any SMS reports.  Error: 'Character 'X' not valid QCANPARS     0625     MSCL101     014C  following string 'XX' (values for 'X' are variable by location) found in dump.'

This can occur if the company name is listed with a single quote/apostrophe in it. This value is not allowed.

  1. From a Command Line, issue the following command: 
    1. dltdtaara qtemp/pentalda
        Be sure you have NOT gone in to any NetIQ iSeries menu option.
      • From PSMENU:
        1. Option 2 PSSecure
        2. Option 1 Secure Menuing System
        3. Option 3 User Security & Administration
        4. Option 11 Work With Companies
        5. Use 1=Select next to the Company name that contains the apostrophe
        6. Remove any/all single quotes/apostrophes and press Enter to save

      Reports should now be accessible to run.

    Additional Information

    Formerly known as NETIQKB46117