Setting account expiration date in the ARM (Account and Resource Management) console or the Delegati (NETIQKB46068)

  • 7746068
  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 19-Jun-2007


Directory and Resource Administrator 7.0

Directory and Resource Administrator 7.5

Setting account expiration date in the ARM (Account and Resource Management) console or the Delegation and Configuration Console to "never" results in an account expiration date of December 1969 in native tools.

The cause of this issue is that the 7.0 ARM console passes the account expiration date in different format than the 7.5 ARM console does and the 7.5 Administration server translates this as a literal date instead of 'Never'


To resolve this issue, upgrade the Account and Resource Management consoles to DRA 7.5 version.  To workaround this issue until all the clients have been upgraded to 7.5, the web console can be utilized, however please make sure to apply all recommend hotfixes for DRA 7.5.  The recommended hotfixes are located at:

In addition, to make sure that 7.0 clients are not connecting to the 7.5 Administration server, there is a script under the Trigger & Policy Scripts section of the Knowledge Depot called CheckClientVersion.vbs. 

The script validates that the client which is connecting is utilizing DRA 7.5 GUI and is not trying to connect with a previous version of the GUI. The script is a pre-task trigger associated with UserCreate and UserSetInfo. You can modify the script to run for additional operations. In addition, the script contains a subroutine to write the name of the Assistant Admin that are connecting to the DRA server with an incorrect version of the GUI to a text file. To do this, un-comment the Sub DebugLogText(s) subroutine and also un-comment the DebugLogText line in the script. The script also contains logic to ignore clients connecting with the CLI or the Web Console

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Formerly known as NETIQKB46068