Can I set all migrated user accounts to have the same password? (NETIQKB45175)

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  • 02-Feb-2007
  • 21-Feb-2008


Can I set all migrated user accounts to have the same password?

I want to set the password for all the user accounts DMA migrates to a standard password and require users to change their password when they log on.

How can I manage the passwords for user accounts DMA migrates to the target domain?

Domain Migration Administrator 7.x


NetIQ Corporation does not recommend the practice of setting all user accounts to the same password in the target domain and DMA does not support this option by default.  Setting the target password for multiple users to the same password creates a critical security vulnerability and is NOT recommended.


DMA provides several ways for you to assign passwords to user accounts migrating to a target domain. For example, you can set the target password to match the source password, and then DMA can set the User must change password at next logon property for each migrated user account. For more information about how DMA can help you manage user account passwords during migration, see the following sections in the User Guide:

  • Chapter 7, Performing Individual Migration Tasks, Synchronizing Passwords in Two Domains
  • Appendix C, Understanding How DMA Works, Passwords and Related Properties
  • Appendix F, Native-Mode Source Domain Password Migration

For more information, also see How do the password migration options relate to the target domain password policies?.

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